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Smart Ear Thermometer

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  • Infrared Temperature reading
  • Works in 2 seconds
  • No Batteries
  • All ages
  • Tracks Wellness
  • works with iOS or Android

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Tympani for only $39.99

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Tympani is designed for Virtual Doctor Visits.

Tympani is the first IR thermometer designed for telemedicine. Tympani makes it easy to record your temperature and send it to your doctor when talking over the phone or video chat.

Get Tympani for only $39.99

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Accurate Temperature


Tympani uses infrared technology to measure the heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue.


  • Accurately reads in-ear temperature in 2 seconds
  • Useable for all ages, from babies to adults
  • Designed to prevent being inserted too far into the ear
  • Measures liquid and surface temperature, allowing you to make sure that baths and bottles are just right

No batteries required


Track & Monitor


Tympani tracks your temperature through the iOS & Android app. Add each member of your family to record and monitor their temperature. Add your temperature data to Apple Health App or email the results to your doctor.

Works with iOS & Android

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Columbus, Ohio / Taipei, Taiwan

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