Caring Things is announcing its upcoming IndieGoGo campaign for Tympani, the latest in smart device-compatible health technology. Taking its name from the tympanic membrane, or eardrum, Tympani is a thermometer no bigger than your thumb that connects directly to any iOS or Android smart device. Tympani is able to take an accurate temperature reading by ear within one second, which can then be read and recorded on its companion app.


So what can you expect from this campaign?

Right now here are some of our goals:

1) Get enough support and money to mass-produce

What does this mean?: Right now we have the means to produce on a small scale for a small group of people interested in buying. If this campaign is a success, however, we’ll be able to expand off the online market and into stores everywhere across the US, reaching even more americans that need

2) Build and improve our Caring Things App

What does this mean?: Currently we have an app made that can read and record temperatures, but if we reach our campaign’s stretch goals we’ll be able to make an app that can do much more. You’ll be able to create “personas” for your family members that will automatically record temperatures and the time they were taken, for both your personal use and for presenting to your doctor.




But what have you got already?

We’re glad you asked.


1) The Carrying Case

We’re producing a styling carrying case right now that will keep your cord and Tympani together in one place for easy transport. You’ll be able to fit it in a backpack, a purse, and bag, anything you want.

2) The App

Like we said above, we have a functioning app right now that connects to the Tympani in order to read temperatures. But we want to make it bigger and better, and for that we’ll need your help.

3) The Tympani itself

Of course, the Tympani thermometer is 100% functioning and ready to go thanks in no small part to our very own Lee Wang, who’s developed it from scratch since its conception.

Tympani will have a tentative MSRP of $30 USD and will look to launch on IndieGoGo by the end of this summer.

Tympani will be at the forefront of family healthcare, and we want you to be right there with us.


For press inquiries please contact Todd LeVeque, or Andrew Cargill,

More information may also be found at .

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